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Security is always important for property owners, which is why the demand for fencing solutions is always high in Northern VA. In order to gain peace of mind, you need to get in touch with a reliable and trustworthy fencing solution provider that can help you gain valuable insights into the right type of fencing for your property. When it comes to security the wrought iron fence offers you with the best security, since it is made from 100% iron metal, which is first melted, molded, and soldered together to become a fence.

Wrought iron fences are incredibly strong and durable as well, since they are made from pure iron resources, and the strongest metal alloys. They are incredibly secure, and very tough, which is why they are a popular option for security fencing.

High quality wrought iron fence

At Fence Contractor VA we are renowned for our extensive wrought iron fence collection, which includes different designs, and styles. We also create fences and gates that offer outstanding security and you may have noticed these types of gates around the properties of numerous celebrities. Our contractors are experienced and professional, and are therefore able to offer comprehensive wrought iron fence and gate services, which includes repairs, maintenance, and installation.

We also have specialists that can repair damaged or rusting fences, and can also replace your existing wrought iron fence with an entire new one. A wrought iron fence is not only considered for its strength and durability, many of these fences boast incredible designs, which add aesthetic value to any property. They are also available in rust-resistant metals, and can be installed by experts in just a day.

The installation process

Wrought iron fences aren’t hard to install, and the process is generally accomplished in two separate stages. The first stage involves creating a fence path, where the post holes will be made, after which the posts will be put into place, and once they are well set, the next stage will begin, where fence panels will be added to the posts, and the gate will be put up.

It is advised that you install wrought iron fencing on flat land, since the posts will then be stable, and there will be lesser chances of the fence causing problems. The best part is that wrought iron fencing will remain beautiful for years, and are therefore an investment with great value. The metal used in making the fence is durable and heavy, while you can also choose metals that are resistant.

It is recommended that you take good care of your wrought iron fence, and clean it with a wire brush every now and then, so that dust doesn’t settle on the gate. We have installed wrought iron fences for residential and commercial clients in Northern VA, and can easily provide you with a free estimate over your wrought iron fence today.

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